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17 Mar 14 - 23:20

The final four face off on 'top chef' Still, there a little time to mourn those recently ordered to pack their knives and go.Everyone liked carla, although i pretty sure everyone is just glad she out of the game, as she was pretty Cheap Tiffany Rings stiff competition.Tiffany is sad carla gone, and i sad that carla gone instead of tiffany.No offense, but i just don understand how tiffany managed to outlast carla, who was such a strong chef and seemed to be improving her game(At least until she got the ax).But tiffany still has a shot at sticking around, since antonia is second guessing herself.So, in short, the girls are falling apart and it looks like mike and richard are a lock for the final two.So much for girl power. Anyway, on to the challenge!Padma and lorena garcia welcome the chefs to the quickfire challenge at the tiffany sale: bahamian club at the atlantis.Did you know lorena garcia is one of the investors on nbc next great restaurant no?Well, now you do, because they just plugged the crap out of it.Oh yes, there a challenge, now that you had time to set your dvrs to next great restaurant the mark of a great chef is being able to recreate a fabulous dish over and over again without any loss in quality, or at least that what richard tells us.So, the chefs are divided into teams(Tiffany and hammer antonia, richard and mike)To make 100 identical dishes.In one hour.Winning team gets five grand.Losing team makes 100 dishes.And yes, immunity is off the table for good at this point in the competition. The boys decide to make pasta from scratch, apparently assuming that this will impress the judges.The girls are doing a beef salad, apparently assuming that putting four components on a plate will impress the judges.Richard thinks the girls dish Tiffany Jewellery Discount shows a lack of imagination.So, pasta and bolognese sauce, that innovative?Really? During the tasting, sale padma helpfully points out that each team has similar looking plates.Thank you, padma!Irena says each team did well, but she gives it to the girls.Boo-Yah!Richard and mike are so pissed.Tiffany relishes the in-Your-Faceness of the moment, and i got to say, seeing richard and mike act like pouty little babies is pretty amusing.Yes, they made pasta.But it also looked like dog food, if we being honest here.


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